It is the branch of Simetrical that brings together high-level tools for inventory optimization. Our solutions facilitate the processes of search and acquisition of parts between branches and dealers, which allows to make more precise purchases and maintain a constant rotation.

Description: Tool designed to achieve maximum inventory optimization. Its list of suggestions makes it possible to guarantee the availability and rotation of parts in the stock, avoiding excesses or shortages.


Identify which are the best-selling parts in your dealership, make safe purchases and maintain a constant cash flow.


 Easy and intuitive navigation.
 Suggestions based on specialized algorithms for inventories.
 Daily calculations of the suggestion of orders.
 Acceptance percentage reports.


 Order history dashboard.
 Filters and search buttons.
 Average sales of the last months.
 Download and upload files in Excel.
 Order control for multiple branches.


Free market platform designed to carry out the processes of buying, selling, searching and offering parts between branches and dealers, in order to increase rotation and maintain a healthy inventory.


Select and publish the obsolete parts of your inventory with attractive offers and complement it by acquiring parts of your interest, all in one place.


 Easy and intuitive navigation.
 Individual and multiple search of pieces.
 Publication of inventories for sale.
 Communication with clients and suppliers.

 Application of discounts and offers.
 Publication of inventories from Excel.
 Buying and selling alerts system.
 Request for parts for purchase.


The ideal solution for locating parts at different selling points. Results are radially ordered according to the established geolocation in order to track the closest dealerships with available models.


Find the parts you need at the closest dealership, compare prices, availability, directions and contacts.


Easy and intuitive navigation 
100% automated search
Points of sale labels on map
List of distributors

Accurate and immediate results 
Search filters
Updated database
Contact details

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