Specialized in the development of technological products, this branch of Simetrical helps businesspeople and managers view real-time operational and financial statistics on a daily basis.

Autonomous products

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Powerful high-level tool that adapts to user needs. Its boards and graphics are 100% configurable and facilitate multidimensional data analysis, generating complete optics that cover information from general to particular.


Visualize the operative and financial status of your business from different angles and detect opportunities to improve performance.


Easy and intuitive navigation
Database crossreferencing
Customizable graphics, boards and filters
Comments module

Alerts programming
Report emailing
Export in different formats

This platform transforms accounting activity in business thanks to the homologation and automatization of financial statements. Its use facilitates financial activity monitoring anywhere anytime.


Save time and resources in expense planning, make comparatives between reports and verify compliance of results.


Easy and intuitive navigation
Encrypted and protected information
Control dashboards
Performance indicator categorization system

Automatized arithmetic operations
Total financial transparency
Breakdown by agency
Monthly and annual reports

This tool is designed to achieve maximum inventory optimization. Its suggestion listing guarantees stock availability and rotation, avoiding excesses or shortages.


Identify which items are the best-selling in your dealership, make safe purchases and keep a constant cashflow.


Easy and intuitive navigation
History-based sales suggestions
Obtainment and shipping of customizable daily orders
Acceptance percentage reports

Order history dashboard
Filters and search buttons
Average sales of the last months
Order obtainment through Excel

This tool allows you to view, download and request automated reports tailored by experts in the matter. Reports are protected by maximum security locks that guarantee total information confidentiality.


Get advice from expert consultants to map and identify business necessities, visualizing them in each report.


Easy and intuitive navigation
Completely automatized reports
Longer management time VS. analysis

Access to report visualization
Unique download links
Currency exchange
Report request module

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