One of the most important things that Simetrical does is making sure that the data seen by the dealership is real and correct given that the management team of the dealership makes decisions based on this data, it is for this reason that every 6 months we ask the distributor to validate the complete information so that we see the data fall correctly into the corresponding boxes and that the information is accurate.

The revalidation process consists of sending the reports requested by SIMETRICAL, both on the balance sheet and on the results generated and transmitted by the DMS and the reports with which the distributor performs the follow-ups.

The Simetrical Team supervises that the data is perfect and once the information is reviewed as accurate, a letter is sent in which the dealership confirms that the information shown is correct and to their satisfaction. The letter also carries a signature of both the distributor and the Validation department of Simetrical.

When the revalidation letter is available, the distributor can be certain that the information being presented on the dashboard meets the criteria for reporting to managers, directors or plant since it has gone through the SIMETRICAL data quality control process.

It is important because thanks to this information action plans, incentive payments, etc. can be generated.

The dealership sometimes does not understand what the validation process consists of and does not ask.

The dealership spends enough time to perform it.

The information sent in the reports is found with incomplete data.

Balance sheets are sent in the middle of the day instead of at the end of the day.

Operational managers use different reports to the ones that are sent to us.

The validation process is too short but the dealership has to send the complete information on time.

It is necessary to verify the following points:

Check if the information that is daily transmitted through the interface with the DMS arrived at SIMETRICAL or if there was any interruption with the data transmission.

Check if any movement was made in the DMS and if this was not reported to Simetrical.

Verify that the data has not been sent out of time. .

Verify that I am viewing the correct KPI.

  1. Take a screenshot and generate a ticket through soporte@simetrical.com in order to perform a quick review of the data and determine if it is a matter of understanding or information mismatch. (In case your brand is connected to Simetrical, contact your assigned Zonal Manager so that the implant can be informed)
  2. In the event that it is a matter of information mismatch, request to soporte@simetrical.com that a validator be assigned to run the process again.
  3. Regenerate all the complete reports that are required to perform the validation.

A Scorecard is integrated with a TOP tool, which generates a daily list of vehicles that have not returned in the last 5 months, along with their contact information. The TOP tool has 3 levels of information. The TOP 50 that only shows you 50 records. The TOP 200 that shows only 200 records and the infinite TOP that shows all the opportunities to generate money in your database, shows you all the clients that you must call since they are in need of service and must come to your workshop. If you require further information regarding the infinite TOP, send a ticket to soporte@simetrical.com

Yes, you can view the repair orders in your Service and LyP workshop as well as the spare parts inventory that is in process.


I109 OTs in Process #, I030 Inventory Work in Process Service

I532 OTs in Process LyP, I144 Inventory Work in Process LyP

Vehicles that are 5 to 11 months from their last service visit.

*May vary on premium brands.

** It may vary if any brand requests any special configuration for the retention calculation.

Each indicator has a Progress Widget available, which compares your billing from the current month vs. your billing from the previous month vs. the average of the entire automotive network connected to Simetrical. When you compare the indicator you can see where you stand compared to the rest of the distributors.

Uploading of objectives is something that SIMETRICAL encourages dealers connected to the dashboard to do, in order to take advantage of the multiple functionalities that the dashboard has to provide.

To upload objectives, it is necessary to send an email to soporte@simetrical.com requesting that you would like to upload objectives. Simetrical will share a format containing all the indicators on the dashboard, you must choose which ones you want to measure and set said indicators an objective per month for each of the branches and then send us back the file. Once SIMETRICAL receives the file, we proceed to upload your objectives to our cloud, which will allow you to view them no later than 48 hours after you send us your file.


How and where do I ask Simetrical for help regarding any questions or concerns?

Send an email to the support area (soporte@simetrical.com) to generate a ticket regarding your doubt or concern and they will get in touch as soon as possible.

On the access page https://scorecard.simetrical.net, click on the option “I forgot my password” and follow the instructions.

You can access the following link and request the training session by proposing the schedule that best suits you.


Or you can send a ticket to soporte@simetrical.com and request a training session.

The stars that are in yellow and on each indicator mean that they are your favorite KPIs, every time you want an indicator to go to your favorites board, just select the gray star so it turns to yellow and that's it.

Within the dashboard there is an option in which you only see those that have been selected as such.

In the KPIs view, when selecting the gear button of the board in the top right, a window will open to the left of the board. This window has a row called favorites, if you select it, it will appear on the KPIs screen to the center where the name of your group is and you will see the word “favorites”. However, if you want to see indicators by area or all indicators, reselect the gear button and choose the row you want to view.

VeVerify that you have a license, you can ask your project leader or send an email to soporte@simetrical.com

It is important to use Chrome browser, if you still can not view it, you need to clear the cache. https://n9.cl/simetrical, this link has the instructions to delete it.

  • Operation Board
  • DataBase Digger
  • Top 20 Clients
  • Sales potential
  • Money Maker
  • Unfreezing Assets
  • Top 50

No, each licence is configurable to view the department assigned by your leader. If you cannot see any information you would like to see, your project leader has to send us an email to soporte@simetrical.com requesting the licence change and the permissions that will go with it.

The plant indicators are shaded in pink and have the name “(P)”, with this it is possible to differentiate between the plant and the operational ones that are in gray. You can also find them by selecting the gear button where the window to the right of the KPIs dashboard opens, and in the middle of the window there is a double button where you can see th words operational and plant, deselect the operational and you will only see the plant indicators. Remember that for this button to be assigned, the entire network has to be connected.

We build the operational KPIs of each agency under exactly the same criteria with which the dealership operates and in that same way we insert them into the dashboards.

In the case of plants, we standardize the information from the entire network and apply the business rules of both Simetrical and the brand so that the plant can compare its distributors under the same criteria, apples to apples and oranges to oranges.

You can find them in the indicator I636 “VINs with First Service” # (P). It is necessary to access the breakdown of the indicator and in the “Status” column select “Sin1erServ”.

Retention takes 12 months and CSA Retention takes 14 months. CSA Retention allows Nissan analysis by Zone/Region



Real CSA Retention % (P)


Active CSA VINs # (P)


Active CSA VINs at risk # (P)


Passive CSA VINs # (P)


Passive CSA VINs at risk # (P)


CSA goal achieved VINs % (P)

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